UWCV NEW Mission, Vision, and Why:


United Way of Cache Valley mission is; “we are committed to unite the caring power of Cache Valley to better ALL lives.” 


Our Vision is; that UWCV is unique in our approach because we assess all current community needs in which we partner or develop resources and programs to create a lasting impact in these areas. 


By donating or volunteering with UWCV, you invest in your entire local community.


Thanks to all our donors and all our volunteers who are the true heroes!

United Way of Cache Valley Introduces New Free Program to Families

Bright by Text

Because kids don’t come with instructions.

That’s why Bright by Text sends the info you need most for raising little ones, from pregnancy through age 8. 

Easy to sign up.  Text UTKids to 274448


United Way of Cache Valley is also known as the Cache Valley Volunteer Center

We help connect community members to volunteer opportunities using the JustServe.org online platform. 

Please reach out to us if you want to help fulfill our mission of: “UWCV is committed to Unite the Caring Power of Cache Valley to Better Lives.”

If you give to the United Way of Cache Valley it goes right back into our community and helps support various different efforts.  Here is a breakdown of those efforts:

What your gift or donation goes to supporting in Cache Valley:

  • Invest in Local Non-Profit Community – Supporting 15 non-profits with small grants, volunteerism, and projects.

  • 211 Utah – 211 Utah is an amazing virtual resource finder in our community.

  • EveryDay Strong – a new approach to fighting anxiety and depression in our youth.

  • Bright by Text-curates content from trusted experts to support a ‘whole child, whole family’ approach to early childhood

  • Community Collaboration Events – such as Day of Caring, Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner delivered by United Hearts to Home, Suicide Safe Messaging Training with the Cache Suicide Prevention Coalition

Thanks for donating and thanks for creating change!

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United Way of Cache Valley

– Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our Commitment- Creating Equitable Communities through Powerful Partnerships


 United Way of Cache Valley seeks to engage the entire community in our work without regard to race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, & expression, disability, sexual orientation, veteran-status, familial status or socio-economic status. That commitment will be reflected in all aspects of United Way’s work – service delivery, staffing or volunteer participation.

Despite this commitment, we know we could do more to explicitly challenge inequitable systems in our community.  We must do better and we are committed to this work moving forward. 

These statements describe our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Diversity is a tremendous asset.  We believe that centering diversity means seeking out experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that are different from our own.  We aspire to center the skills, perspectives, and experiences of diverse community members at all stages of our work.  We aim for practices that draw in team members, partners, and board members from diverse backgrounds.  We commit to amplify cultures and points of view that historically have not been valued and heard in decision-making. 


We believe every person is entitled to dignity and respect. We are committed to creating more equitable communities that provide every person an equal opportunity to thrive.  Equity is both a value we must live and an outcome we must achieve. 

We believe that equity work starts with knowing and challenging our own biases, mindsets, and harmful behaviors. We aspire to look inward first, at our organization and at ourselves as individuals. We aspire to speak about inequities openly, with a commitment to examine our own biases and our role in the systems that exclude and marginalize so many community members.

We strive to be part of collectively reimagining a community designed for all to thrive. We aim to collaboratively transform the systems that we are a part of that create inequitable outcomes. We strive to use our own power to eliminate disparities based on race and income. We commit to listening and learning and then pursuing collective action that is designed with those most oppressed by our current systems.



We strive to create an inclusive working environment in our organization and in the partnerships we support- one where everyone is heard, where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, and where everyone has access to opportunities and resources.  We aim to create an inclusive space where community members are co-leading the design implementation and evaluation of the strategies we pursue. 

These statements are an aspiration for what we want to be as an organization.  We know more must be done and we are committed to doing it with vulnerability, humility and a commitment to sustained action.  This statement will evolve as we listen to different perspectives, reflect, heal, and learn. 




United Way of Cache Valley

Statement on Racial Justice and Healing

Working for Racial Justice-An Invitation for Self Reflection and Collective Action

United Way of Cache Valley (UWCV) denounces racism in all its forms – visible and hidden- structural, and systemic.  We cannot overcome racism unless we actively pursue its elimination.  We must speak about it openly with humility and a sincere desire to examine our own biases and our role in the systems that exclude or marginalize community members of color. 

We will seek out and learn from those impacted by racism and work together to dismantle racism in our community.  We are committed to following:

  • Continue to build and strengthen partnerships that close disparity gaps
  • Use data to shine a light on disparities based on race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, & expression, disability, sexual orientation, veteran-status, familial status or socio-economic status.
  • Communicate and demonstrate that equity and anti-racism is a core organizational value that is embedded in everything we do: service delivery, staffing, board recruitment, and volunteer participation.
  • Increase our role in participating in and leading education and community dialogue.
  • Explore new partnerships, and offer support to organizations leading racial equity work.

We invite those in our community who are wondering how to engage with others in working to build a community free of racism and oppression to advocate alongside us. 




Cache Valley for Hope

July 2022

“We are beyond Thankful for Thermo Fisher, Amelia Ramirez and Joyce Siler and ALL the employees at TF! Your generosity made the Thermo Fisher Bagel Fundraiser a huge success in support of our communities here in Cache Valley.”

– Jimmy Birman, Executive Director, UWCV

Our Mission

We are committed to unite the caring power of Cache Valley to better all lives.

we believe to live better, we must live United!
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