Hospice services are open to all individuals who have been given a terminal diagnosis. The patient and their family are looking to make this stage of life as satisfying and comfortable as possible. They are not looking to prolong life, but to get the most of the life they have.

As a volunteer, you will get to know these families deeply as you visit with them. You will share feelings and emotions as you talk about their life experiences. As a volunteer, you may help them develop journals or life histories, go for walks, you may run errands, but most likely and importantly, you will just be there for them. Hospice patients and families sometimes just need to talk, and sometimes a volunteer’s greatest contribution will be to listen. There are many things volunteers are taught to do to help patients and families, but when all is said and done, the reason you will be remembered is because you were there when they needed supportive caring.

Becoming a volunteer requires 12 hours of initial training, as well as ongoing training, and one or more hours of volunteer work a week. A volunteer must be able to provide their own transportation, proof of insurance and driver’s license, and will receive ongoing training.

As a volunteer you are an integral part of a team providing support and care to clients, it has been stated that Hospice Volunteers are the heart of Hospice.

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